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Kinetic Digital Publications web design division produces quality custom brochure web sites.  Our design  approach begins with a thorough analysis of our client's enterprise, including the internet efforts of the competition. 

  • We Build The Web Site
  • We Host The Web Site
  • We Manage The Web Site
We produce as many individual pages as necessary to fully describe and promote the client's message.  Sometimes, this may be achieved with a single page display ad, often ideal for service businesses.   Retailers, dealerships, professional services and nonprofit organizations often require more extensive web sites. Whatever the requirements of the web site may be,  Kinetic Digital Publications will design, implement and manage it to our client's satisfaction.

After the web site is designed and activated,  we provide complete updating and support services.  This means that we take care of your web site for you.

Every web site is built to order,  with original artwork, graphic design and copy.  Our sites are extremely easy to navigate,  and strategically designed to achieve good search engine rankings. Contact Us Today!
Professional custom web design and administration
General Commerce, Non-Profits,  Artists, Musicians, Crafters, Authors,  Professionals
West End Golf Course
Dixe Music Center
Florida Cracker Art by Linda Ballantine Brown
Randy McKinley Woodcrafter
West End Golf Course
Dixie Music Center
Artist Linda Brown
R. McKinley Woodcrafting
Brooker Pest Control
Perry's Pro Hoofcare
Network Technologies
Chet Harris, ERA Trend Realty
Brooker Pest Control
Perry's Pro Hoof Care
Network Technologies
Chet Harris, REALTOR®
Trippe Management Specialists
Debbie Parisi Real Estate Services
Tom Henry Contracting and Real Estate
Trippe Management Specialists
Debbie S. Parisi, REALTOR
Tom Henry, Inc.
Joeseph E. Freck, Realtor
Import Service & Sales
Bottoms Up Dalmatians
Back Porch Fiddler Publications
Joseph E. Freck,  REALTOR®
Import Service & Sales
Bottoms Up Dalmatians
Back Porch Fiddler Publishing
Captain Marc Wren
Pepperfish Key Charters
Chiefland Motorcycles
Captain's Delivery Service
Marc Wren's WrenzFlyz
Pepperfish Key Charters
Chiefland Motorcycles
Captain's Delivery Service
South Florida Resource Conservation Council
Kentucky Resource Conservation
Vidya S. Jain, M.D.  Hand Surgeon
Yellow River Soil and Water
South Florida RC&D Council
Vidya S. Jain, M.D.
Molly Morrison,  Author
Ranger Collector Knives
Floridan Resource Conservation
National Alliance for the Development of Archery
Molly Morrison Publications
The Ranger Knife Company
Floridan RC&D Council
Freck's Auto Art, Inc.
Harry Michael,  Multimedia Artist
Artist Roger Warrick
Elite Air Conditioning and Heating
Freck's Auto Art
 H.D. Michael
Art & Theming
 Roger Warrick
Elite Air & Mechanical Services
  • Administrative Services
In order for a web site to remain interesting and relevant to its visitors,  it must be updated and graphically refreshed at regular intervals.  We provide our clients with the ability to modify and add information to their web sites on a regular basis at no additional cost.  Some examples of how this service is utilized include:
  • New product releases, such as auto model years
  • Special events, such as seminars and festivals
  • Seasonal sales and related promotions
  • Changes in staff, location, operating hours and related contact information
We monitor our sites for server uptime, broken links and images.  We make certain that applicable fees, such as domain registration and server charges are invoiced in a timely manner.
  • Orphaned Sites
It is not uncommon that a company will have a web site that has not been attended to in some time for various reasons.  Perhaps the staff member who built it is no longer with the company,  or the family friend who "knew how to get us on the internet" no longer has the time.   Our staff will capture the original files and  assess the graphic design, domain registration status and hosting arrangements.   We have often been able to reduce the operating costs of an existing site by a very large margin simply by negotiating better terms, and in several instances these savings were enough to offset our professional fees.
See the digital publications page for details on our interactive CD ROM and document digitizing products